As a busy business owner with countless things to take care of, it can be easy to fall behind online. Many Denver-area companies today are saddled with websites that were first built ten or more years ago, and these aging assets can easily turn out to be liabilities. As competitors put more modern and better designed web properties of their own online, the dusty, creaky nature of a company’s website can start to stand out to clients. Even worse, aging websites often fall behind the ever-evolving standards that search engines like Google use to assess them, making it less likely that these important sources of organic traffic will contribute to improved business.

There therefore comes a time in just about any local company’s growth cycle when it will pay to speak to a Denver Web Design about what can be done. Oftentimes, it costs less to update an aging site than might be expected, since a great deal of the existing work can generally be salvaged. While a brand-new, ground-up Web Design in Denver will sometimes be called for, the fact is that many companies in the area can benefit from an affordable freshening up of their existing sites.

One common Denver Website Design tactic of this sort is to transfer an older website onto a popular, widespread, modern platform like WordPress. For companies with websites that include nothing but static HTML, this process can be surprisingly easy and inexpensive, while also yielding a number of important benefits.

Of all of these, a few stand out most obviously. For one thing, the switch to a system like WordPress will often make a site much easier to use by those who employ mobile devices, with built-in considerations for the smaller screens typical of them coming as part of the package. For another, the switch to WordPress or another modern framework will often make it much easier to manage and update content, allowing even business owners who are uncomfortable with technology to cultivate a lively presence online.

Denver Web Design companies regularly help their clients take advantage of this relatively easy transition and they often do so at prices that cannot help but make sense. Even for those companies whose web properties have apparently reached the point of no return, then, it often turns out to be the case that there are good ways of salvaging what remains valuable. Seeking them out and taking advantage of them invariably makes more sense than falling further behind.